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Short Verse Poetry

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2012, 10:28 AM
Excellent short verse is like one bite of the best chocolate. Complex and rich and very often just enough. - riparii

:iconthesimulacrum: is a group dedicated to the short form of verse.  While the concept of short verse has many applications, our group has settled on a simple definition: poetry that is 10 lines or less in length.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things about short verse poetry and feature some prominent examples.

Short verse, or ‘snapshot poetry’ is a familiar, let underutilized and sometimes even unappreciated poetic form.  At its best, short verse can encapsulate lifetimes or illimitable moments in just a few pregnant lines.  The scarcity of words forces the reader to find even greater depth and context from the few that are presented, magnifying their importance and impact.  Also, there is less time to formulate the audible æsthetics in a short verse poem; there may not even be more than one stanza or strophe. The poem must be either pool comfortably in the air as a self-contained sound, one revolution of a rhythm, or it must establish a quick and easy to discern pattern; neither of which is an easy task.  

Short verse poems often take the likeness of a declaration, or a spontaneous thought traveling at the wicked speeds of an epiphanic revelation.  The space between the words become chasmal, inviting the reader to search for comprehension within their own experience to an even greater degree than with longer poems.  Poets that understand this are faced with the challenge of providing a mechanism to allow for travel between the words, from one image to the next, from one spotlit metaphor to another, without either creating so much space that the reader falls through a broken bridge or doing all the thinking for the reader, leaving no room for self-discovery.  The latter can produce the ‘so what’ effect.  Because there are less words on the page, the artistry and depth must be communicated in a timely, let patient fashion. If the reader is made to spend too much time searching for one or the other, the piece becomes nothing more than a vagary, a snippet of prose that holds no great interest. Likewise, if the artistry is present but the meaning and imagery are force fed down the readers throat, their appreciation for its poetic characteristics will be affected, and again, they will be left wanting.  The line between profundity and ‘so what’ becomes finer and less definable the shorter the verse.  To achieve the perfect balance is what writers of short verse aspire.

Please enjoy these examples of what I feel are great short verse poems from the gallery of :iconthesimulacrum:

walking home on fall afternoonicesnow in the palm of my hand
squeeze it
my fist is Spring.
Chrysalis.there is a boy who
doesn't exist
he has green eyes
and does not
speak of love
for months
They have departed,
their intimacy dissolves,
leaving empty space.
They will celebrate nearness
in a more intimate place.

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The Simulacrum


The Simulacrum is a library dedicated to the creators of, and appreciators of, snapshot poetry. Poetry that, in no more than ten lines, expresses and captures the blink of an essence.


1) Submissions are limited to one per day, and will be judged on their uniqueness and quality before being accepted.

2) Submissions must be 10 lines, or less, in length.

3) A high, grammatical standard is required.

4) Poetic 'quality' must be superior.

5) We do not offer critique or any literary prompts.

6) We do not accept prose.

7) Poems must be submitted by their author. Third-party submissions, with or without the consent of the author, will not be accepted.

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